Shelf and Package Testing

Through our joint venture with Stratégir®, ECI offers more shelf test learning value.

Packagir®: A pack talking to shopper and consumer

A registered trademark of Stratégir® Group

  • Both lives of the pack are truly evaluated: within the competitive setting when “talking to the shopper” and on its own when “talking to the consumer”

  • Respondents connected to purchase situation using life-size environment and latest technologies

  • Packagir® can create a live action “virtual store” with aisles, shelves, carts and customers to fully emulate the shopping experience, completely customized to your product category.

  • Combination of tools like qualitative insights and eye tracking measures to track performance of the pack

  • Database to enrich conclusions and set action standards

Bridge®: Assess performance of new product development

A registered trademark of Stratégir® Group

  • No black box modeling: volume forecast based on consumer results and panel market data

  • In-depth marketing analysis of the marketing and key variables for launch success like penetration and repurchase

  • Lighter solutions to a full STM (Stimulated Test Market) still extrapolating penetration and volume

Shelf Test: Quantify the economic impact of new shelf displays

A proprietary solution of Stratégir® Group

  • Develop arguments to strengthen your position vs. retail

  • Stable test conditions and strong realism of the shopping environment at life-size

  • Using Toonga Image & Technology, Stratégir® can create a computer-generated 3D image of your product, if no physical mock-up is yet available.  This virtual image can be embedded in your online shelf displays or virtual store.

  • Researchers who master both shopper and test expertise