Identifying and defining unique or key market segments are a necessity in today’s competitive marketplace. EVALUATIVE CRITERIA senior staff is experts in segmentation research.

Segmentation Research will help find and understand key market segments and answer:

  • Specific needs, wants, values of consumers in your market
  • Major groups of needs in the market
  • What market segments exist
  • How segments can be described in terms of behavior and lifestyle characteristics
  • How your product/brand is currently positioned in consumers’ minds

ECI has the expertise and experience needed to execute a market segmentation study that identifies unique ways of dissecting your total market into segments to unlocking the marketing opportunities and driving the profit potential for your product.

We have been conducting segmentation studies for over 30 years in categories including:

  • A large variety of Food and Beverage products
  • Health and Beauty Aids
  • Personal care
  • OTC medications
  • Quick service restaurants and Casual Dining Restaurants
  • Pet Foods and Pet Care

Our segmentation research will provide answers that help you:

  • Focus marketing efforts for the greatest impact
  • Evaluate the cost/benefit of new products
  • Aggressively market where the greatest opportunity exists
  • Best target your marketing messages
  • Evaluate potential marketing strategies

An in-depth understanding of the market, and your consumer’s wants and needs, is critical to designing an effective segmentation study. ECI uses a range of sophisticated analytical techniques to arrange consumers into groups with similar attitudes, needs and desires. We will identify the demographics and market potential of each segment and deliver a concise, easily understood report on the insights with recommendations on how to best position the product positioning for maximum appeal to each one group.