Eye Tracking

ECI has the knowledge and experience to effectively  integrate Eye Tracking solutions to various  types of research. Our Eye Tracking equipment is located in 12 markets across the U.S. Each location has dedicated rooms with identical installations to provide consistency across markets . We also have mobile units and Tobii glasses.

At ECI we strongly believe that when used appropriately, Eye tracking adds essential benefits and insight to consumer research. Knowing what consumers are seeing is crucial to ensuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. The use of Eye tracking will deliver an objective measure of the consumers’ attention to numerous types of stimulus.

Packaging and Shelf Impact Research can answer the following questions:

  • Which elements of your package are holding consumers’ attention?
  • How does your package perform relative to your key competitors?
  • How long does it take for consumers to locate your package on the shelf?
  • Is the consumer noticing key elements – Brand, logos or messaging
  • What is not being noticed?
  • Insights on ways to improve package performance.


Print, Commercial, Product Placement, Web


Using our mobile eye tracking glasses we go with the respondent to the real world environment. The ability to collect behavioral data in-situ – uncontrolled, unrestricted and as natural as current technology permits.


Eye tracking has become a key integral part of the usability testing of websites. We can test on any number of mobile devices or standard  monitors.