About Evaluative Criteria, Inc. (ECI)

Solicitation Scam

An unknown party is using our company domain eci-research and the name Brian or Bruce York to solicit your participation in market research studies or in mystery shopping studies (with or without the mention of Western Union).

Although we are a market research company, these invitations are not from ECI and you should not respond to them.

This solicitation is an internet scam. Do not respond and do not send them any checks, money or personal information. Anything you receive from them like a cashier check or letter is bogus.

We have notified our industry watch group and our counsel of this misuse of our name.

EVALUATIVE CRITERIA, INC. is a 40-year strong full service custom marketing research firm and a division of CRG Global, Inc. ECI is a WBENC company.

Our strengths trace to the expertise and dedication of our staff, and our unparalleled commitment to our clients.  It is clear when you speak with any of the ECI team that we enjoy our chosen field and it is reflected in all aspects of our work.

ECI continually seeks out, develops and utilizes innovative techniques and tools to facilitate the in-market success of our clients.