Research Disciplines

Each area of expertise is led by a discipline leader, who ensures that best practices are integrated and that the strategic output is customized to meet Corporate and Stakeholder needs

ECI's Research Disciplines

ECI offers an expert in specific disciplines:

  • Idea Evaluation
  • Concept Screening
  • Product Testing
  • Sensory/Guidance Testing
  • Early Trier Research
  • Validation of Legal Claims
  • Claim Effectiveness Testing
  • Market Structure
  • Segmentation
  • Brand Health
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Disposition
  • Brand Affinity
  • Consumer-Brand Discrimination
  • Brand/Ad Tracking
  • Communication Evaluation
  • Digital Copy & Ad Testing
  • Path to Purchase
  • Packaging/Shelf Designs/Merchandising
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Mystery Shopping

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