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Jason Steeg - President

Jason Steeg re-joined ECI as President in 2016, having worked at the company from 1991-1994.

Jason’s experience covers the full range of the brand lifecycle, from bringing new products to market (concept testing and product & sensory guidance), to developing a brand’s place in the market (positioning testing, claims development & testing, pricing strategies), to measuring brand health (brand tracking, A & U, and segmentation) to understanding how shoppers make decisions when deciding what brands to ultimate buy (path to purchase and other retail focused research). Additionally, he has a strong background in many different types of modelling and advanced analytics.

Sensory research & product testing is a particular specialty & passion for him, having run the product testing team at Moskowitz Jacobs. Jason holds a Master’s Marketing Research from the University of Georgia and a Bachelor's in Sociology from the University of Vermont.

Patty Bien - Executive Vice President

Patty Bien joined ECI in September 2016, supporting clients in understanding their brands, advising on how to connect with customers, identifying strategies for bringing products to market and developing an understanding of the competitive landscape brands and companies live in. In addition to her client facing responsibility, Patty shares in the day to day management of ECI’s business.

Prior to ECI, she had a mix of both supplier and client side roles – Millward Brown, NFO/TNS, Heineken (Dos Equis – “Stay Thirsty, My Friends!”), FYI Direct and most recently Ipsos. She holds a BA in Philosophy from Vassar College.

Patty’s mixed experience provides her with the perspective that is always challenging her to ask “What ultimately is my client going to do with the project I’m working on?” She believes that having a solid answer to that question dictates the success of a project. And for Patty, success can be summed up by one of her favorite quotes – “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Dr. Seuss

Len Pollack - Senior Vice President

Len is an experienced brand and marketing strategist who has partnered with clients to optimize brand positioning and activate against the strategy. He works with client Innovation teams as well as Brand and Marketing personnel to understand the category landscape and determine short and long strategy for brand growth.

Len is a leader in Brand Equity and Advertising Performance areas including modeling the integration of marketing and social media data on brand perception. He is also experienced in the area of Customer Experience and Shopper Strategy in the CPG, Retail and Restaurant categories.

Bruce York - Senior Vice President

A member of the ECI team since 2011, Bruce York takes full charge of custom quantitative research projects from study design, through execution and analysis. Over the course of his 35 year career, Bruce has obtained extensive knowledge of, and proficiency in, a wide range of research methodologies and techniques which he applies toward achieving the marketing objectives of his clients.

Always remaining energetic and engaged in his approach to his profession, Bruce is painstaking in sorting through the details to provide insight and a strategic problem solving approach his work.

Bruce has made his career in a few top quality custom vendors which has given him the opportunity to become exposed to a broad spectrum of product categories, and allowed him to build long-term relationships/client loyalty.

Outside of the office, Bruce keeps busy as an avid runner, cyclist and fitness enthusiast. Other interests include reading, attending cultural events, family and friends. Bruce graduated from SUNY Binghamton with a B.A. in Philosophy.

Alisha Brown - Senior Vice President

Alisha Brown joined ECI in September 2017. With over 14 years of custom market research experience on the supplier side, she has expertise in the consumer packaged goods, pet-care, beauty and luxury goods categories.

Alisha has extensive experience managing branding, market understanding, innovation, and ideation related projects from study design through analysis. She most enjoys the analytic and story telling aspects of the process, and bringing data to life by unearthing the story and discovering the “what’s next?”

Prior to ECI, she held research management roles at Ipsos and TNS. She holds a Master of Arts in Survey Research from the University of Connecticut and a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and Statistics from James Madison University.

Jennifer Irvine - Senior Vice President

Jenny Irvine re-joined ECI as a Vice President in 2017, having worked at the company previously (2010-2011).

Jenny merges the best of emerging and traditional research techniques to help clients gain deeper insight into their markets, innovate successfully, and develop products consumers will love. Her experience spans a range of categories including food, beverage, OTC, personal care, cosmetics, pet care, and B2B.

Her way of partnering with clients is highly creative – whether she’s brainstorming new approaches to pilot, or inspiring with modern deliverables that are intuitive and direct. Passionate about visual story-telling, Jenny loves pushing the boundaries of traditional reporting as far as her clients will allow, once delivering a quant report that included only 4 numbers!

Jenny has held client service positions with Harris Interactive, TNS, and most recently Ipsos. She graduated from Washington and Lee University with a BA in Economics and Political Science.

Teresa Fryer - Vice President

Teresa Fryer joined ECI in January 2019.  She has 14 years of supplier side experience, with a focus in the Health, Beauty and Personal Care industries. Her experience spans the innovation lifecycle from Product and Concept Testing to Segmentation & Positioning and through Brand Equity/Tracking.

Teresa started her career at TNS and most recently held a VP Client Director role at MetrixLab (formerly Acturus/The Pert Group) where she spent 9 years.  Her recent accomplishments include winning MetrixLab’s global parent company’s 2018 Recognition Club annual team award, reflective of her excellence in providing Top of Class guidance for her clients.

Teresa graduated from Hofstra University in 2005 with a BA in Marketing. Outside of work, Teresa volunteers as a Girl Scout troop leader for her two daughters and as Treasurer for the local Girl Scout Association, enjoys being active outdoors, DIY projects, is an avid reader, and aspires to travel the world.

Emily Turell - Vice President

Emily Turell is an experienced marketing professional who has worked in both product management and market research for over 20 years. In her current role, she designs and executes research projects across a wide variety of categories including food, beverages, household and personal care products. She brings her experience in product management to every project with the goal of providing insightful, actionable results.

Emily’s experience spans a range of research methodologies including concept/product tests, claims/flavor screens, tracking studies, A&U’s and segmentation studies.

Out of the office, Emily is an avid tennis player and a somewhat frustrated golfer. She loves cooking for family and friends and is never bored if a good book is available. Emily earned a BA from Cornell University and a MBA from Columbia University, with a major in Marketing.

Lauren Geissler - Vice President

Lauren Geissler joined ECI in June 2021. She has over 18 years of supplier side experience, with a focus in CPG, Pet Care, Health, and Beauty industries. Her experience spans the innovation lifecycle from Product and Concept Testing to Positioning and Brand Equity/Tracking research.

Lauren started her career at Millward Brown before moving on to TNS. She spent the majority of her career at MetrixLab (formerly Acturus/The Pert Group), dedicating 13 years to building strong client relationships there. At MetrixLab she won a company recognition award and was nominated numerous times for her excellent client service.

Lauren graduated from Fairfield University in 2003 with a BS in Marketing/International Business. Outside of work, Lauren is busy spending time with her husband, two daughters, and new puppy. She also coaches her daughter’s youth soccer team in the fall and spring.

Alyssa Perrotti - Vice President

Alyssa Perrotti joined ECI in April 2018. She has 10 years of custom market research experience on the supplier side with expertise in the food, beverage, personal care, cosmetics, and skin care categories.​

Alyssa began her career at Ipsos, holding client service and account management roles. She has extensive experience managing idea and claim screens, concept and product tests, trackers, market landscape tests, and awareness and usage tests from project design through analysis and report delivery. Alyssa prides herself on her keen attention to detail and analytic capabilities, piecing the data together to create an innovative and insightful story.​

Alyssa graduated from St. John’s University in 2013 with a BS in Marketing. Outside of work, Alyssa is a passionate health and wellness advocate and enjoys reading, traveling, quality time with family and friends, and spending time at her local beach.

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